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About Us

Francina Cerrone, Director/Owner

Bachelors Degree in Education, Masters Degree in TESOL, MAT Trained,
CPR, First Aid
Professor in ESL and Child Development

I am personally committed to your child's physical, emotional, social, and educational needs during their early and crucial years. As a NY State certified teacher, I have the experience and training to help parents with the many obstacles that they encounter during their child's time with us. My education and experience has helped me understand your child's needs, train teachers and guide parents. As a professor at a local university who teaches Child Development to future teachers in their Master's programs, I have encountered many talented students who have also joined my staff. My teachers are well-trained, qualified, and love what they do. Finally, as a mother of three I understand how difficult it is to leave an infant at day care. I reassure you that TLC is a loving environment with a dedicated staff and a place where children learn through play.

For a Listing of our teachers by class, please click here.

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