Program Descriptions 


Infants 1 & 2   

Age: 6 weeks- 12 months

 1:3 Ratio 


Our multiple infant rooms allow for more physical development for older babies and more love and care for smaller infants. 

Merrick Avenue Teachers:
Donna- 13 years employed, CPR, First Aid, BS in Nursing/Education, Master's 
in Elementary Ed

Janine-4 years employed, CPR, First Aid
Monique-20 years employed, CPR, First Aid
Rehanna-New employee

Brookside Teachers:

Cici-3 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Francia- New employee
Ginalesse- 1 year employed, CPR, First Aid, Associates in Early Childhood Education
Kathy- 17 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Mahreen-3 years employed, CPR, First Aid


Age: 12 months- 18 months

1:4 Ratio

Children will participate in activities that stimulate language development such as reading short stories, flash cards and music.  Teachers will provide opportunities for physical, emotional and social growth.  Children will be exposed to sensory activities (whipped cream, paint) gross motor (parachute, tunnel) and fine motor (blocks, puzzles). 


Merrick Avenue Teachers:

Ana- New employee
Ganga- 4 years employed, CPR, First Aid
Kelli- 3 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Lori N-5 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Brookside Teachers

Lori B.- New employee, CPR, First Aid
Wendi- 2 years employed, CPR, First Aid, Pending Associates in Early Childhood Education


Age: 18 months- 3 years

1:4 Ratio 

Children will enjoy a range of activities to stimulate the 2 year old creative mind.  Centers with blocks, trains/cars, little people, dramatic play will allow them freedom to choose activities that they enjoy and opportunities to play together.

Circle time will be a daily routine and the children will learn about letters, colors, and shapes.

Art projects will be displayed throughout the room and sent home. 

Monthly themes revolve around the seasons, holidays and children’s interests.


Merrick Avenue Teachers:

Caitlyn- 5 years employed, Pending BS in Early Education
Dawn-8 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Theresa-20 years employed, CPR, First Aid, Associates in Early Education

Brookside Teachers:

Ashaanti-2 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Lori-15 years employed, CPR, First Aid
Madeline- 3 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Rachel S-1 year employed, CPR, First Aid, Pending CDABA in Arts
Shannon-8 years employed, CPR, First Aid, CDA, MAT 

Stacey- 1 year employed, CPR, First Aid, Associates in Early Childhood Education, BA in Communications
Taylor-3 years employed, Pending BA


Age: 3-4 years

1:6 Ratio 

At this age, circle time is a big part of the day when we discuss what is happening in our class and what we will be learning.  We begin to focus on identifying letters, sounds and words that begin with the letter.  They will play games that will promote mathematical concepts.  Our children will still enjoy sensory activities such as sand, rice, pasta and whipped cream.  Centers are throughout the room and allow for choosing activities and social play.


Merrick Avenue Teachers

Farah-2 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Cara-2 years employed, CPR, First Aid, Associates in Early Childhood
Olivia- 5 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Brookside Teachers:

Aya- 3 years employed, CPR First Aid

Jaclyn-3 years employed, CPR, First Aid, Bachelors in Education

Lauren-3 years employed, Certified and Registered Nurse, BS

Nuzy-4 years employed

Paige-3 years employed, CPR, Bachelors in Education

Tiffany- 3 years employed, CPR, First Aid, BA in Education


Age: 4-5years

1:8 Ratio 

This is such an exciting class because we are preparing your children for kindergarten.  We are utilizing the learning box curriculum.

Children are exposed to mathematical concepts such as patterns, graphs, comparison charts.  Pre-reading skills and sight word development will be a daily routine.  We will work on fine motor skills such as writing with a pencil and cutting with safety scissors.  Children will still have an opportunity to play and be creative in the centers set up through the room.


Merrick Avenue Teachers

Kathleen-20 years employed, CPR, First Aid, CDA Pre-K Specialty

Liz-15 years employed, CPR, First Aid, CDA Pre-K Specialty, MAT

Midge- 11 years employed, CPR, First Aid, BS in Education

Ninette-18 years employed, CPR, First Aid, BS in Elementary Education, MAT
Ryan-5 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Brookside Teachers:

Crissy-1 year employed, CPR, First Aid

Doris-5 years employed, CPR, First Aid, Bachelor's in Spanish (Bilingual Teacher)

Jodi- New employee, Bachelor's in Education, CDA Early Childhood
Kathy C-3 years employed, CPR, First Aid, Masters in Early Childhood Education

Kelli-4 years employed, CPR, First Aid

Maria- New employee, BS in Psychology and Business Management

Brookside Administrative Staff

Francina Cerrone, Director/Owner - Bachelors Degree in Education,
Masters Degree in TESOL, MAT, CPR, First Aid, Professor in ESL and Child Development

Lidia Palazzo - MAT, First Aid, CPR 

Maria Cerrone - BS in Business Administration, First Aid, CPR 

Pamela Kloos - First Aid, CPR 


Merrick Avenue Administrative Staff
Ninette Sherman , Director - BS in Elementary Education, MAT, CPR, First Aid

CDA = Child Development Associate

MAT = Able to administer medication


TLC Day Care

Brookside Location

Located on the north side of the Bellmore/Merrick Central SD Building.
1260 Meadowbrook Rd, Merrick, NY 11566

Merrick Avenue Location
Located in a self-contained building in the heart of Merrick.

1731 Merrick Ave, Merrick, NY 11566

For immediate assistance, please call our Director Francina Cerrone at 516-659-2247.

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