Ms. Donna comes to school to make unique creations using a variety of materials. Children are able to explore and enhance their creativity. Projects are sent home as keepsakes for parents!


This special focuses on developing strength and flexibility, as well as good listening skills. It will also help children become comfortable with the gym equipment — and the often discombobulating sensation of being upside down!


Ms. Joanne comes to school with an accordion and an array of children's songs. Throughout the year, songs change with the season. The kids enjoy singing along with her to their favorite tunes!


A visit from Santa during the holidays, a trip to the farm during the Fall, and our summer carnival are just a few examples of some of our seasonal activities. All are designed to help the children create memories and enjoy the current season!


Coach Ian Morales from Power Surge Sports helps children learn the fundamentals of soccer and t-ball. Aside from physical activity, this special helps develop self-esteem, teamwork, communication, and respect.


This special uses Zumba choreography, to help develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of the children's lives. The goal: making fitness fun!