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Infants and Twaddlers



Parents should provide food such as oatmeal, baby fruit and
vegetables, puffs, yo-baby yogurt, and other foods that are age appropriate.
We will NOT substitute what is on the menu.* 


Whole milk and 2% milk will be offered to infants.

*We can try to offer items on the menu to infants that are starting solid foods. Many of the items such as pasta, meatballs, applesauce, waffles, pancakes, soft vegetables and some fruit are appropriate. However, several of the items are not such as pizza, chicken fingers, french fries, and some of the snacks. They can be choking hazards for a child that doesn’t have enough teeth.​

Toddlers, Nursery, and Pre-k

Here are a few examples of the various meals and snacks offered: 


 Breakfast:  Cereal, Muffins, Waffles, Pancakes, Bagels, or English Muffins 


 Morning Snack:  Fresh Fruit or Yogurt


 Lunch: Chicken, Pasta, Meatballs, Pizza, or Sandwiches


Afternoon Snack: Ritz Crackers, Pretzels, Goldfish, Pudding, or Graham Crackers


Drinks including milk and water are offered throughout the day.  

You may provide us with alternative food and drinks for your child if they do not like what is offered that day on the menu. PLEASE LABEL all food items with first/last name and date you brought it in.

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